Winning the battle against COVID-19

Hygiene and Cleaning Services

In the midst of the COVID-19 global crises, LAMT Hygiene and Cleaning was formed to help with the fight against the deadly scourge.

Welcome To LAMT Hygiene & Cleaning

If you need regularly scheduled cleaning service, turn to LAMT Hygiene and Cleaning to keep your commercial property or domicile spotless and tidy around the clock! We staff specialized and friendly cleaners who have shined, mopped, wiped and scrubbed countless of properties the past several years. Whatever you need, we have the service to whittle down your worries and stress.

We conduct a wide scope of cleaning services. Not only are we experts in house cleaning services, but commercial cleaning, too. We use organic cleaning products and also offer one time cleaning and open house staging. We have assisted customers who have scheduled move out cleaning, new construction cleaning and store cleaning. Our job is to keep your property in presentable condition. Whether you run an office full of 50 employees or a household of seven, turn to us for our superb cleaning services.

Specialist disinfection services for your premises

LAMT Hygiene and Cleaning is determined to contribute to keeping South Africans safe during times of global health crisis. And by taking advantage of our effective antibacterial and antiviral disinfection service, you will ensure that your employees, visitors and clients are protected against pathogen transmission and dangerous infection.

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